Juniper Tangpuz

The Declaration of the Artist

I, Juniper Albert Tangpuz, hereby dedicate my life to exploring the diverse culture of art making. I believe that experience will help me understand the translation of visual languages into the unique language of my artistic expression. I move forward with the intention of finding new paths both promising and perilous. I feel that art should not have any language barriers. It wants to say so many things. I feel that it’s important to my work that I understand multiple worlds and multiple disciplines to find point where everything is balanced and unified. With that much creative freedom I can truly go anywhere. I intend to follow the perpetual expedition. Although I can't see the entire picture, I feel honored to be a part of it’s grand design.

My work unlocks the secrets of the sheet. It is a world hidden in a flattened existence. As I create, I see worlds compress and others unfold in my universe. I combine a variety of disciplines to create kinetic paper sculpture and other objects. The viewer is asked to physically interact with it. My intention is to share the visions I see. A discovery of a new species, a moment of time, and new perspectives are the result of this experience. My intention for making sculpture is to unfold the imagination in the participant and offer them a unique experience.